Play with us Spiel mit uns


Development of the children at Kidszone is focused upon two key concepts:
We select topics like animals, colours, seasons, celebrations, movement etc. and over 5 weeks integrate these into the daily routine.
We encourage the children – depending upon their age and in small steps – to undertake everyday activities themselves e.g. putting on and taking off their shoes, clearing away their plate after lunch, washing hands, clear up toys, clean teeth etc. This improves confidence and self-determination

Children want to and should be allowed to move. Therefore, we go outside in the fresh air with the children at least once per day. For example, we go to the playground, take a walk along the bank of the Rhein, and visit the library or the leisure centre. We take the ferry, and go on outings to Lange Erle (animal park), to the zoo, to museums or to the airport.

Physical Development
We consider it very important that children can develop a good physicality and their gross motor skills. This occurs through singing, playing music and dancing, by climbing, running and playing football and by sliding and swinging

The children should be encouraged to playfully discover the world. We promote this through free play and also through planned group activities and outings.

The 6 week menu plan was devised with help from a trainee from the College of Higher Education in Bern (Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics)