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Kidszone supports the combination of family and working life and facilitates the sharing of responsibilities in family partnerships. Children of all nationalities, from 3 months to 7 years old, feel welcome and enjoy their time here with others of a similar age and ability.

It is important to us that children feel happy and secure and so we offer loving care in a family atmosphere. We recognise and respect the individual personality in every child. Our educated and highly qualified team are committed to the development of each child and encourage children to discover their world with joy and curiosity.

The Bi-lingual aspect of the nursery offers children an environment in which they can acquire and develop their communication skills in German and English. Both languages are playfully integrated into our daily routine: songs, games and activities all take place in both languages.

It is important to us at Kidszone to provide varied and healthy meals for the children. Our menu is created and meals are all cooked in-house.

We endeavour to work together in partnership with parents, promoting mutual respect and honest and open close communication.

We regard as extremely important, the provision of an age appropriate and playful advancement of the cognitive, motor, language, social, emotional and creative abilities and potential of the children, in a stimulating environment. At the same time, we are responsive to the individual preferences of each child.

The advancement is based upon:

a) An integrated bi-lingual environment as routine (German/English). All employees speak with children in their designated language (German or English). At least one person speaks in English on each group.

b) Regular movement activities (exercise and dance) in the nursery and outdoors.

c) Creative pursuits: drawing and painting, singing and music

d) Strengthening day-to-day confidence and social competence