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Who we are

Jessica Leder-Maeder
Nursery Manager, co-founder and President of Kidszone. Mrs Leder- Maeder studied Business Economics at the College of Higher Education, North West Switzerland, graduating in 2009.

Haben Kidane
Haben Kidane is the Group Leader of our mixed-age group “Sunshine“. She studied to be a childcare practitioner at the Vocational School in Basel, qualifying in 2010. Haben Kidane is mother to a 12 year-old son and has more than 10 years career experience in Nurseries. She speaks Swiss German, Tigrinya and has a good knowledge of English

Mirjam Schaffner
Is the Group Leader of the baby and toddler group “Stars“. Through her studies in Social Work, Mrs Schaffner demonstrates a wide knowledge-base in Pedagogy and is able to apply this knowledge practically across all areas of her work. She speaks Swiss-German and English

Darka Steinmann
Darka Steinmann has 4 years’ experience in children and youth settings in Canada. She has a social service worker diploma and a certificate in Autism and behaviour science. She speaks English and has a good knowledge of High-German

Ana Marina Casasnovas Dyson Santos
She works 60% as an English speaking practitioner with the Baby and Toddler group „Stars“. She has a Bachelor of Sciences as an elementary school teacher and also studied educational sciences. Ana Marina has over 12 years’ experience working with children in the age of 10 months to 17 year. She speaks English, Portuguese and a little German.

Emma Kangas
Miss Kangas is studying by distance learning for her “Diploma in Childcare and education”. She is due to complete her studies by the end of 2018. She speaks English, Finnish and High German

Sandra Delgado
Miss Delgado will be undertaking her apprenticeship as child care practitioner in our nursery. During the first year she will work with the “Stars” group and with “Sunshine” in the subsequent two years. She is due to complete the apprenticeship in 2019. She speaks Swiss German, Portuguese and has a good knowledge of English.

Nicolette Hossli und Laura Greber

Opening Times

KIDSZONE is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 until 18:50.

KIDSZONE has 3 weeks holiday per year – one week over Christmas and New Year and 2 weeks of the regular summer holiday.

KIDSZONE is closed at weekends and during national and cantonal holidays. KIDSZONE closes on the day prior to holiday days at 16:15.


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    Kindertagesstätte Kidszone
    Jessica Maeder
    Horburgstrasse 2
    4057 Basel

    Tel. 061 683 28 83
    Mob. 076 302 46 00
    Email: info@kitakidszone.ch



    Horburgstrasse 2

    4057 Basel

    Excellent accessibility by public transport via tramway N° 1, 8, 14, 17 Stop: Dreirosenbrücke

    Very close to motorway A2, direction Zurich/Bern or Germany

    Very close to motorway A35, direction Mulhouse/France