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Registration Procedure

Here we explain the 4 steps to registering your child at KIDSZONE. The registration procedure is subject to change according to individual circumstance.

Step 1:
Contact and appointment arrangement for an initial visit to KIDSZONE. It is standard practice to show parents around the nursery, only after an appointment is made (normally in the evenings between 5.00 pm and 5.45 pm). This gives you the opportunity to get a fist impression of KIDSZONE after which we can discuss any questions you might have.

Step 2:
Once on site we ask that you fill out a non-binding contact form, including phone and address details. You also have the possibility to register on our non-binding waiting list. If you wish to do so, we ask that you provide the following information; the age of your child, the desired entry date and the desired care days. It is important to note that this does not represent a binding agreement, nor does it necessarily preclude a place being offered. Should a place become available, we will contact you accordingly, in advance of the entry date. Places are awarded in order of registrations. Should we have a free place available, we will keep that free place for you for 7 days after your visit.

Step 3:
Before you register your child at KIDSZONE, we recommend you first consult Mrs Weber or Mrs Rueckli of The Education Department (Erziehungsdepartement) of Basel-Stadt about financial aid for subsidised places. Please note, this is only possible if you live in Basel-Stadt. Should you be entitled to financial aid, the registration proceeds through the Education department to whom you must confirm that you wish your child to attend KIDSZONE. Should you have no right to a subsidised place, we are happy to complete your registration and transfer the registration fees as well as the unique deposit. Once completed, we will confirm your registration by email.

Step 4:
At least 1 to 2 months before the entry of your child we will contact you to plan the important settling-in period. This will begin approximately 3-5 weeks before the entry of your child with an orientation meeting where we work together to make a plan tailored to the needs of your child.